Jaguar Jonze | MURDER

Will you recognize the absence of shackles as freedom?

Or will you cry asking why enough love was not given?

Vox Rea | Dose Me Up

A house of unforgotten prayer

My heaven when the Earth is bare

A silence from the ones who don’t cease to speak

I am sorry to the road I seek

Cause when I’m done

I have won

Soft Shelter | Time (Pressure)

do you ever try to bring yourself back

remember what it was like

to be an island

and the void was something you learned to see in

photo / iridescent skull via Tumblr

darkDARK | Tell Them You’re Here

I once reached my hand into a pretty purse

To discover bones and tails of an exquisite creature

I was as disgusted as I was enthralled

And I sought out its shape across every surface I ran my fingers upon 

photo / milk sockets via Tumblr

Sofiane Pamart | Berlin

the only salvation, the release your poison brings

dulling the sharp edges

your memory living

in the moments before I fall asleep

well baby, you feel just like a dream…

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