Heavy Heart | Bed Bug



Back to the beginning.

I’m gonna keep going back to the beginning

until the beginning is the present. 

DRAMA! | Stress (Colin Needs a Cigarette)

Hyuna for Maps Magazine (April Issue) : 170324.jpg


is there less of my shadow now?

Or am I more afraid of what I will find next?



DRAMA! · Stress (Colin Needs A Cigarette)


photo / Hyuna for Maps Magazine (April Issue) 

Octavio Mai | Yeux Turquoise


 I see you in my dreams and you dwell in all these veins

maybe because you can understand

where will you bury me?




Amon Tobin | On a Hilltop Sat the Moon




I hope that I can take my pain

I hope that I can shape it, mold it

I hope that I can squeeze it and it leaves a mark and I’ll know

my fingers did it



photo / madatmost via Tumblr



At Dawn | Bare Essentials




don’t be in a rush

to seek solace

in lost souls



Routine Espresso Recordings · Bare Essentials (VIP Edit)

photo / Katsumi Omura , Miho Aida

Dear Japan | Hollow Hearted Hands



may the weapons formed against you



Dear Japan · Hollow Hearted Hands

photo / Elle apprend à fumer, 1965. Malick Sidibé





STONER | Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise

Min An



I can’t look or I’ll go blind

I face you and I

close my eyes



STONER · Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise

photo / Min An

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