photos / Marius Sperlich Macro Lips on + Sonnenbarke by Elysian Coil, via pinterest

Hella Precious | Back to You (Zey)

I found a key 

I found a door

I found a road 

I found a home

photos / vertical detail 6 bruce riley & petra collins coming of age via pinterest

Dovie Beams Love Child | Moon Romantic

I couldn’t help everybody

I could only help 


photos / & via Pinterest

Move | Jodie Nicholson

erase it all until it disappears

and draw it again

until it makes sense

photos / and Holly Klein via Pinterest, respectively

Yeong Die | Much O O

whatever you broadcast into the field

is your experiment with destiny

photos / Tsunaina Limbu for, shot by Barnaby Roper & Soviet Postcards 1970s Moscow by Night, respectively, via tumblr

words /

Shadi G | Space

I left

just to see

if they would think of me again, if they would

sweep my ashes under the rug

photos / caprice-archives & yama-bato via tumblr, respectively.

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