Lucidvox – Psychedelic dream pop and krautrock from Moscow


A few years ago, Афиша (Afisha) wrote about how Moscow has ceased to be the center of Russia’s music scene – that all the interesting stuff is happening beyond its borders. A lot has changed since then – many distinguishable events, venues, and bands have appeared in the capital that are worthy of attention. This time we’ll be talking about one of these such groups – four Muscovites from the quartet Lucidvox.

The story of Lucidvox begins with a hike: the future members embarked on an outing with their friends, some of who were part of the group Спасибо (Spasibo) in its entirety. They were out all day, having fun and singing, when then they found an abandoned building where they had a jam session. At first everyone was joking about how they should start their own group, but they took it to heart, and soon started playing together. “It was all in jest at first. But we decided to get serious about it,” says vocalist Alina. Nadia, the drummer, adds, “After the hike I started playing drums, then we found out that Glasha (Gala, the group’s guitarist) writes her own electronic music, and Alina already proved herself on the hike her talent in singing and playing the flute. At first, Alina thought that she would just stick with the woodwind, “When we decided to create the group, we didn’t set any clear boundaries, and didn’t really have an idea of what it would be,” and that’s when she took to singing. With the appearance of Ana, the bassist, the current line-up of Lucidvox was set.

A good example of how Lucidvox interprets ancient mythology in their lyrics

Lucidvox‘s music weaves krautrock with repeating sections, leading into a trance and a dream-pop mood (there is so much airiness that listening to their songs is like being in a fog) and a bit of gloomy post-punk, adding darkness – at the end of this mixture, you get a psychedelically-reminiscent sound. Nonetheless, the ladies ask to not characterize them to any one genre, and it doesn’t feel right to compare them to anyone either. Friends from the group Фанни Каплан (Fanny Kaplan) sound darker and are attempting to relay of something greater, while Lucidvox’s songs are more personal and light. You could call them the Russian Warpaint – though the vocalist’s voice is too resonant.

The lyrics, for which you should be paying attention to the group in the first place, are written by three of the group members. One of the authors, Gala, says the following about them, “For me it’s important that the words touch the person who is listening to them, and for them to be said honestly – only then does the beauty come. Also, it’s important, probably, that the lyrics be simple – otherwise one runs the risk of getting lost in the form and being misunderstood.” Alina adds, “We have our own lyrical hero – the Human. With a capital H. We talk about the things that we all think about. The moments that are present in everyone’s lives.” At the same time, they rely on Greek mythology. Gala explains, “We all strive for something great and big, trying to look for it even in the smallest things in life.” Similar themes are apparent for their friends as well – the group Спасибо (Spasibo), that they say, influenced them.

One of the best tracks from their debut EP, in which their many worries are voiced

It’s possible that after a few months, such descriptions of Lucidvox will become obsolete: they are developing right now and their new album, which is set to come out in Spring, will be completely different. Even their latest release, the song «Солнце» (Solntse; Sun), in their words, is not very reflective of their future album. “We are progressing…there are diverse, more complex melodies. The latest songs – it’s not even ‘Солнце’, they’re a different mood,” says Nadia. Alina agrees, “Our first album is completely different from what we are now. I think, ‘Солнце’ is a transitional moment. One probably wouldn’t say about us, that we are ‘dreamers’ or anything like that.” Anja disagrees, “Well actually, the new songs are not without dreams,” and Nadia adds, “We are women – dreaming is our property.” In general, they promise that the new songs will be “faster and cooler.”

Regardless of the relative calmness in recordings, their live sound is quite the opposite, especially considering that for them, above all is the drive. “The most important thing that happens,” says Nadia, “is when you come to practice and start playing some small bit that you have been wanting to play. Not necessarily fast, maybe something in a minor key, or just something slow – but with drive. And suddenly, you realize that you like it; then all four of us look at each other and we start laughing, as if we are surprised by what’s happened. Then we rush into playing again – like you just had a really significant moment and you’re afraid you will forget it – you want to bring it to life.” They all agree and talk about the importance of music sinking into the soul.

The group’s latest song has a rather distinct sound, but the ladies insist that their upcoming album will have an entirely different sound

Lucidvox are often agreeing with each other, sometimes saying the same thing at once – it is imperative to them that the group not have a leader, and in many ways, they are all alike. That’s why it’s even more curious, that their musical interests are vastly varied: one likes Thee Oh Sees and Portishead, and another – Sonic Youth and early Кино (Kino), and yet another goes for Tame Impala, The Beatles, and jazz – while the last likes Djent (but they all like an amazing Swedish band called Goat). Yet the combination of all these differences is what brings something new. When you ask them about the flute, they are a bit taken aback – it was just there from the beginning. What will come of this – it’s hard to say, but their new songs, “Are partly influenced by Soviet music in the style of Майя Кристалинская (Maya Kristalinskaya), and partly a combination of Goat, math rock and some experimental elements.” We definitely want to hear it soon. The most important thing, is that with Lucidvox, one gets the sense of what another Muscovite sang about, “Here, the air is filled with a burning youth of the highest class.” The rest will follow.

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