Last Month’s Best Russian Music : Editor’s Choice

Boogrov feat. Mana Island — Swarm

More than anyone, we were most surprised by Moscow producer Andrey Bugrov, whom we already wrote about last fall. He had a great collection on his debut EP: Brooklyn Prince Ayer, Kiev performer Aluna and Alexey Doronin from the group Mana Island, whose album which we won’t mention today only because bringing it up would be part of the year’s results, and not just this month’s.

Specifically, the track with Mana Island brought somewhat of a resonance in Europe. Ingenious soul with a careless stroke of guitar distortion – so convincing and so sexy – Russian music, it seems, has never sounded like this before. They liked it around those European shores. “The Russian Beat Maestro“,”Bloody Amazing,” wrote blogs ranging from Hillydilly to Acid Stag, taking Bugrov on as their own. The rest, he will have to prove through actions. Boogrov promptly became part of the lineup for the upcoming Bosco Fresh Fest 2015, and there, in the company of the best local acts, he will be forced to demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions.

BLOOM — Modern Love

It seems like just yesterday that Ilya Marihin, a talented producer from Kirov (the locals are well aware of the loud parties, made possible by his project Owl Deuce) who just recently relocated to Saint Petersburg. Ilya showed us three tracks from his new project, BLOOM, letting us know that it’s just the beginning and it seems worth the wait to look forward to the full-length album.

The music that BLOOM creates, today goes by the streamlined term future beats. About the “future” bit, one can’t really argue. As well as his spiritual Aussie mentor, Flume, Ilya cleverly mixes the best that’s been invented these past five years in the territory of house, garage, bass music, wonky, and chillstep. It is to be suspected that this is how mainstream electronica will sound by 2016-2017. In our neck of the woods, BLOOM is just one of the few who clearly understand.

KOTKEE — Walls

One of the most talked about events of April is the release of the first compilation of Young Blood – a collection based on the recent Jagermeister Indie Awards – rapidly growing with myths and taking on weight as well as status. “Young Blood” is also one of the nomination categories. Here, we are presented with original artists and projects that have popped up in the past few years. Now, we can hear them in a special VA (various artists compilation) marked Jager Vibes.

The release boasts an ambitious and smart promo. All the tracks from Young Blood #1 have been carefully listened to and the attitude towards them has been conscientiously described (which doesn’t occur all too often) by Artemy Kivovich Troitsky. KOTKEE has been separately allocated by the master. He says that he has always been particular to sexy music, and that in recent times he’s delved favorably into witch house. How could we not love him?

Catch the Crackle — Broken Dayzoos

To Minsk and back! A new talented electronic producer has appeared there – Catch the Crackle – on par with Amon Tobin, a real prototype of the 90s. Courageous, resourceful, and as musicians say, a real audiophile. He composes electronic music of various veins such as IDM, abstract, cinematic, and sparkling downtempo.

Behind the guise of Catch the Crackle hides Sasha Siletsky. His album is by no accident, called Roomy Universe. As befits a talented inventor, Sasha gives birth to sounds, images, and meanings, without leaving his home. In one of his tracks we hear sounds from a neighboring room, and for recording another, he placed his microphone inside a cupboard. The album is rich with samples: vinyl cuts, vocal bits, and even singing Liverpool fans. From the collection of artifacts, Sasha constructs his own universe. It’s fascinating to witness all of this.

Pixelord — Berlin

The guru of innovative electronica, an ideologist of the ever-relevant label Hyperboloid, Pixelord finally released his widely manufactured debut LP Places. To give a quick summary of it proves difficult. Novosibirsk talent crumbles around us with the entirety of its weight in musical abilities, without leaving any minute doubt or debatable value judgment.

The album is certainly wonderful. It is complex, nuanced. melodic, precise. Soaked in colors with a dynamically changing world. It is not by accident that each track is dedicated to a city, each bearing a certain importance to the musician himself. We are currently listening to the single Berlin, that you can get in a gorgeous, see-through vinyl the color of an ocean tide. Along with Vakula‘s recent record, this is definitely one of the best electronic albums of the year in our arena.

Jazzyvibes — Wanna Feel Your Body

Something a bit dancey. The debutant from Rostov, Jazzyvibes, is pretty cool. This is his first release: simple, devoid of fresh ideas, but rather pretty overall. On the menu is raw proto-house and familiar sounds, which is quite characteristic of the label that issued this particular release.

Jazzyvibes – the resident of Kiev’s Vesna Recordings founded by dance producer Maxim Yaaman. The label is remarkable by the fact that it is completely ignorant of its surrounding reality – time and place included. In Vesna‘s actively growing catalogue, we have music that would be more fitting to the beginnings of the 90s (or perhaps the end of the 80s) somewhere in Chicago or New York. In its quest for stylistic authenticity, the label’s artists have achieved a remarkable reliability. Vesna is really real. This is the type of music with which to educate glory-starved teenagers. Here you got traditions, groove, and soul.

Sohight & Cheevy — Money Is Love

Luxuriously synthetic disco from Moscow duet Sohight & Cheevy, whose previous single Gift we still haven’t put down. The boys’ project brings to mind the creations of French producer Breakbot – but that’s why disco is disco – it’s for dancing rather than for comparing.

As a bonus, here is a direct quote from the guys, “We all have to deal with money. But not everyone has figured out how to convert it into love. Many don’t even think that it’s possible. But in order to understand, and to see results, is for one to give love more frequently. To receive money with love, and spend it with love. This is the most honest and correct approach to money that will fulfill you within and without.” Amen!

Module Werk — Interdimensional Traveler

Raw analogue morphing into electro-trip is for true gourmands. This is the new release from Siberian artist Gene Klepalov, who has long been working under the pseudonym Module Werk. The record was released on the very-underground label Black Wall Records mid-month. It is an absolute must-have for DJs who seek to be at the forefront of the electronic avant-garde. Inside are four exclusive tracks with names as strange and exotic as the music itself.

Синекдоха Монток — Фамилия (Synecdoche Montauk – Family)

We started listening to Синекдоха Монток (Synecdoche Montauk) back when, in his creative life the talented beatmaker Fedor Pereverzev was known to audiences as Moa Pillar. After his whirlwind singles Torchlight and About the Unskilled Worker, everybody began to regale him as the new Royalty of Russian electronic music; the deserving successor of the departed vocalist and songwriter in Mujuice. However, Fedor himself didn’t stay long in the world of echoing beats. His collaboration with Синекдоха Монток’s ideologist Sava Rozanov brought him to an entirely different musical shore. The story that follows is one that many already know.

Today, holding  the status as one of the most relevant independent collectives, in the club 16 тонн (16 TonsСинекдохи (Synecdoches), composed of Sava Rozanov and Sava Shestak, introduce their first single Фамилия (Family). More accurately, it is the unreleased B-side in their soulful album Лебединое мясо (Swan Meat).

Oldfilm — Svoboda

The new release from the locally important Ekaterinburg’s label Up!Up!Up! sounds the most gloomy and complex out of all the other mentioned works in today’s article. The pressing has been known to us, first and foremost, thanks to Alpha-Beta’s single Марсу нужны любовники (Mars Needs Lovers), 130 по встречной на старенькой Vespa (130 on an Old Vespa). Though in recent times, Ivan Zhbanov & Co. have gained an enviable pace, where fresh releases come out one after another.

Regarding Svoboda’s debut EP Oldfilm, Up!Up!Up! calls it the year’s greatest discovery. For now we know that Oldfilm is multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer, working at the intersection of leftfield-house, garage, and glitchy spikes. The artist’s real name, photographs, and biography, as follows in the laws of the genre, will be revealed much later.

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