Nike Borzov: “We will soon enter a freakadelic age where the weirder it is, the better”


Do you consider the current punk scene your legacy? Are you yourself proud of what is going on there nowadays?

There are some people who stir up happiness and pride in me, for example, the group “Ансамбль Христа Спасителя и Мать Сыра Земля” (Ensemble of Christ the Savior and the Mother Land of Cheese), also, fans of  – the band Ленинград (Leningrad). Their hits are rumbling through the entire country right now. Yea, normally, as they say, we have deserving leaders.

When you were just starting out, the situation was quite different. Was it easier or more difficult?

It was easy and difficult at the same time. It’s the same thing now. But I enjoy all the different times, I don’t lose touch completely, and I don’t feel left out from what’s happening today. There are no contemporary things which I couldn’t understand.

In the near future, would you consider doing something closer to punk, likeБобры-мутанты” (Bobry Mutanty, Mutant Beavers)*?

I do have a band called Killer Honda. We recorded an album in 2013 and are getting ready to record another one. And if you take my album “Везде и нигде” (Everywhere and Nowhere) – the second part of it is more garagey, aggressive – a turn onto the dark side.

I also have a group called Инфекция (Infection), which flares up at times, like any infection. Right now we are planning to record an album sometime in 2017 in honor of 100 years of socialist revolution. The group will be 31 years old, and one of our songs will be “Коллективный зомби-транс” (Collective Zombie Trance). To put it bluntly, all that that Goebbels invented – all of that is happening in our mass media, it’s that same zombie trance.

Nowadays, what grabs your attention more than anything else?

A growing child, who not long ago was a formless mass, and now navigates situations, gives advice to his parents, gives his opinion. It blows my mind when I see how a self-contained human individual appears from nothing, as a representative of the human race. A child is like a sponge – everything that she absorbs will spill out at some particular moment. The development of another person near you – it’s a very significant process. You are surprised sometimes by what you discover in yourself. You notice certain things when you observe your mini-me.

I also like the fact that everything in general is progressing. I can’t say that it’s all well and correct, but it’s still interesting.


Are you frightened at the prospect of being enslaved by robots?

A cybernetic universe? No. If humans choose such a path – okay. I think I will stay underground until the end.

How about implanted chips?

I’ve thought about it. I think I will give myself an upgrade – like an extra head or maybe a few more arms, wheels, an engine, and become some sort of moto-mutant. I’ve actually had this idea for a long time, to get a group together, where all the members share my DNA, along with a few women, and a fat black drummer. Now that would be interesting. We will soon enter a freakadelic age where the weirder it is, the better. We’ll see the appearance of completely insane artists, who Kirkorov* hasn’t stood next to. But he will probably think of something too, he’ll trade in his hair for feathers and attach a big old tail to his bum.

Going back to the question of raising kids – what do you consider to be the main qualities that parents should pass onto their children?

Everything around the child should be positive. He should witness very little of the negative, like parents fighting, so that they don’t take this kind of behavior as the only way. The way parents behave themselves will be the model the kid will take on when he creates his own family. That’s why you need to give the best. Give them kindness, help develop their potential, their humanity, the desire the help others. Teach them not to be an egoist. Everyone forgets this, though these are basic human social skills. I think that everything is in our hands. We can’t rely on schools, on society, or the government. That’s why you’re left with the parents.

It’s the same with self-education. If you’re really aiming for something, then you take steps in that direction. But if you wanna wear out your boxers on the couch, chasing everything down with cheap powdered beer – that’s your own personal choice. Even standing still, we are making a decision – in this, we have no freedom. We are forced to make choices every millisecond. And choices – there’s a lot of them, there are a lot of possibilities. It’s just that, if a person doesn’t have a positive upbringing and doesn’t know the steps, he could become pathological. That’s why you need to nurture kids as soon as possible, so that later down the line, you don’t need to take care of a mentally ill adult. It’s enough, in fact, to cultivate in a person the desire to be physically healthy and spiritual. It’s all very simple, actually, to the point that you feel sad about the fact that so many people don’t understand this.

When a person becomes stunted in their growth, he chooses degradation. You don’t stay in the same place – if you’re sitting on the couch and watching mind-numbing television, you will inevitably sink to the level of that couch and the beer that you’re drinking.

If there is no development, there won’t be progress. Regardless, a person is in continuous motion along with the earth. We exist in a constant fall through the cosmos – it’s important to understand this. If you’re ready to come to terms with the fact that nothing is of interest to you, then you can lock yourself in your apartment and die. And they’ll find you in a month, clean it all up, and somebody else will move in. But if others are depending on you, you’ve given birth to children, you have a family and everything, you’re responsible for it.


There is a tendency nowadays for women to work and take care of everything, while the men sit at home working on their bellies – what’s the reason, you think?

Everything has turned upside down, it’s all has changed. With that in mind, there’s nothing strange about a person of 26 becoming a boring and dull 60 year old fart. We are now at the end of the destructive period, of an internal expansion. Maybe, this particular human formation is not worthy of life. Let everything start from the beginning, from a primitive society. I hope that the memory of the next human formation will retain the same terrible things that Boris Moiseev* retained, for example.

Do you think there is a period after which a musician should retire?

I don’t know what will happen to me, when I will be of age. Maybe I’ll become completely inadequate and I’ll stop knowing what’s what. Right now, I see that for many artists, it’s time to go home and not show themselves anywhere, really. I don’t know, I guess as long as a person can fill up a room, there’s no reason to leave.

Have you tried to create a myth around yourself? Like your name for example – the internet lies about it in particular. 

I’ve actually always sought not to create any type of illusion, as if I’m morphing. Like, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not me. About the name – it’s been like that from the beginning. My parents were always interested in India, and for a long time couldn’t decide on what to call me. It was only after three years after I had been born that they stopped calling me “baby” and gave me this name.

Have they taught you enthusiasm for the Indian culture?

I’ve been to India many time, and have met many people there. Indians from the highest caste really understand where things come from – they love Russia because all their ethnic foundations are built on our ancient Vedic culture. They say, “You are such a noble people, but such ********, you’ve fucked it all up.” They don’t understand how we managed it. That’s why I love the Vedic story, it applies very well to any society. So if you connect people, it’s good to do it under the flag of the Vedas.

What do you believe in?

I believe in dragons. They do exist, they’re just hiding because we’re idiots and we’d start shooting them as soon as we’d find out.

Why does mankind exist?

According to Peter Jackson, it’s so that aliens could feed on the little humans. According to Howard Lovecraft, we are pets, made exclusively for entertainment. I don’t know why, maybe there is a reason for all this. Maybe we create some sort of powerful energetic field after we die…

What do you think happens after death?

A new cycle begins, and this too, is not freedom. We cannot tear away from this planet, because by dying, we cling to those images that attached themselves to us during our lifetime. The same people that we knew in our previous lives; those that we slept with or were friends with – we will meet them all again in the next life. Consciousness definitely exists outside the material shell, that’s why after death, it tries to cling to those bridges that had always been so familiar. How else could you explain, how the Dalai Lama knows beforehand, who he will reincarnate into and who his parents will be? This is all connected to a very strong energy. For example, the Altai Princess – after they brought her to Moscow, a lot of people started to cash in on her while guarding all pertaining documents. A lot of problems started. A few years ago, they brought her back to her burial place, because in the words of the shaman, in the last two decades, the records were off the charts. Even the Yenisei* began receding from the banks and destroy entire villages, which had serious consequences. And when they returned her, everything went back to normal.

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Бобры-мутанты – One of Borzov’s musical projects

Kirkorov – Philip Kirkorov, Russian pop singer, born in 1967.

Moiseev – Boris Moiseev, Russian singer, choreographer, writer, and actor born in 1954.

Yenisei – Yenisei River, flowing through Russia and Mongolia, is one of the largest river  systems in the world, and the largest that flows through the Arctic.

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