Oak and Just a Tree :: Spring


Guitarist from Moscow band Naadya lends her voice to a spring single


Once upon a time, Masha Teryaeva would perform with Moscow indie pop band InWhite, and now she plays and writes music for the group Naadya. She also has her own project, Dub i Prosto Derevo (Oak and Just a Tree), in which she is searching for her own sound under the influence of favorite musicians, Blonde Redhead and St. Vincent.

In the beginning, Masha Teryaeva participated in the educational project known as Red Bull Music Academy, composing solely instrumental tracks for the electric guitar. Her new single, Spring, introduces the appearance of drums, modulated synthesizers, and Masha’s own voice. Everything grows – everything changes.

Masha Teryaeva:

Initially, the project was supposed to be instrumental, because the only instrument I could play at the time was the guitar. Then I grew a bit insolent and ventured into another plane of instruments. In fact, Spring showcases my ability or lack thereof to program drums. I also, for the first time, used my voice and spent five hours of studio time just for the guitar detuning. Range is the track which captures the first experiments with a modulated synthesizer.

And if Spring is a track with a long and difficult production, recorded at Ilya Mazaev’s studio, mixed in New York with Radmila Markidonova, with mastering in London studio Metropolis, then Range is just a home recording. I don’t really believe that Russia’s instrumental music can become popular, fill up venues, and be successful on a massive scale. That’s why I am selfishly carrying out the plan to create some kind of sounds through a microphone. I start laughing and the music is suddenly a bit less instrumental than before. Ha ha.

After returning from RBMA I was finally convinced that I needed to get my hands on some modulated synths. I’m close with musicians here that make up the electro scene of our country. Hours spent in the showroom of Fedor Vetkalov/Synthman, endless conversations, meeting Dima Churikov, who, besides other things, makes cases for modulators, and tons of tea with Igor Vdovin…I think the amount of first-rate interactions grew into a serious interest for modulated synths. And yes, I’ve got a few of Igor’s synths – only because he is a good-hearted person.

I have enough material for an EP but I’d rather record an LP right away. I haven’t had to work with big formats on my own – this is a goal that I’ll have to live with for the coming year, I think.

March 11 will be the first solo concert at the MARS gallery. It’ll be quite brief and probably with a supporting act – Maksim Prokofiev will be playing the drums, and we’ll do a cover of a Krasnoyarsk band Чемодан говна (Chemodan Govna – Suitcase of Shit)! Playing by yourself or with another person is more difficult, there’s more responsibility, but I want it!

the single Spring is on iTunes.



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