The St. Petersburg project, OLIGARKH, is at least three years old, with two records under their belt, performances in Russia and Europe and now a new EP titled, “Get Up and Go.” Their music grew from fringe-electronica until it became a big, even conceptual idea to rethink the old – but the point is still the same: to create eclectic tracks, from house to trap, stuffed with various unbelievable samples from Tchaikovsky through to folk, and from ethnic to Ligalize*.

The idea to saddle “Russianness,” to drag something from there, from the past, and sit it on the express of contemporary music is nothing new. On the contrary, it’s the most exploitative phenomenon that exists now in Russian music, from the underground to the mainstream. Surprisingly, the folk approach is not the most popular, but presenters of prominent projects  (you could recall Buranovskiye Babushki*,and even Neiromonarch Feiofan*) generally are projects for novelty and entertainment, although everybody shares their music in a dead-pan manner.

With “Get up and Go,” it feels like there is less ambition, like there was with “The Greatest  Russian Folk Album,””Anatoly,” or the track “Swans” on “Rethinking of Russian Classics.” So listening to the EP is much more delightful and enticing – you can readily hear the remarkable  approach to taste and understanding, enthusiasm, and talent. The quality of production in “Get Up and Go” is very different from the average Soundcloud dance content, but if you take away all the wonderful samples, the essence doesn’t change profoundly, but rather, this is all still Neiromonach Feiofan – funny, shocking, of high quality, and there for to entertain.

Ligalize: Russian rapper and hip hop artist

Neiromonach Feiofan (Нейромонах Фейофан): A drum and bass project from St. Petersburg

Buranovskiye Babushki (Бурановские Бабушки): Ethno-pop band consisting of eight elderly women

Original article: https://vk.com/muzstorona

Photo: oligarkh_official Instagram

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