Here we have post-punk and a gentle, sorrowful feel from the group Unease («Беспокойство», Bespokoistva) Regardless of the rather bedroom-like recording that managed to escape just the first track, and the ever-interrupting bass rumble, they make diving and delving into this emotion very much possible. The vocals are reasonably average for the genre – tracks like “Work”(«Труд»), or “Gully” («Буерак») remind us of that. However, some musical turns are not so obvious – the song “My Sadness Bothers Me” («Меня беспокоят мои расстройства») has a sort of psychedelic flare madness and a synth noise which adds strangeness to the atmosphere. So for now, one can say that we’ll be awaiting something more solid and ripe, but the beginning is promising.


Original article: https://vk.com/muzstorona


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