Play & Cry | Север

EP debut Play and Cry from St. Petersburg duet Север (Sever, North) made up of Anastasia Puzakova (and whose face graces the EP’s cover) and Andrei Maikov, working in Artem Lebedev’s studio

The EP is filled with warm and atmospheric melodies, as if Север met with Гостями Будущего (Gost’iami Buduschevo, Guests From the Future) but in 2017.

Anastasia Puzakova: I love writing songs with simple pop motifs – their unprecedented combination with analog noise and marginal context. Together, we make this strange post-pop as I call it, and dope pop, which is how Andrei calls it.

We’ll be performing with iron so that it’s not boring. In any case, it should be beautiful, with a blazing fire.



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