Anastasia Kontchaeva Alexandrova has grown up in Russia, France, Holland, Spain, and the United States. Through her travels, Anastasia has learned to speak Russian, French, English, and Spanish. This has continually expanded her world and Anastasia works to create art through music, styling, photography, writing, and exploring culture.

Her work has been featured on MTV Hive, Marie Claire France, Volant Magazine, and others. Anastasia has also worked on a variety of shorts and feature films as wardrobe supervisor. Her contributions in photography styling been exhibited at Double Door Chicago, Trade Boston, and in Susy’s Dreambook.


IG @blue_bardot




One thought on “about

  1. Hi Anastasia!

    I am a fan of your blog and would be really psyched if you could write something about my track that you approved through submithub at the beginning of June. It’s called “Hungry Ghost” and the artist name is Prospect Lux. I have signed and uploaded the permission form through the submithub chat as well. It means a lot to me to be on Blue Bardot so if you could find the time to give the track a little love I’d be very appreciative. Have a great week ahead,



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