Blue Bardot started in 2015 in Valencia, Spain as a resource about Russian music for English speakers. After being indexed on Hypem, Blue Bardot started receiving music submissions from all over the world. Rather than writing reviews, BB seeks to create mini experiences inspired by each song.

We have been sought out by artists like Nina Nesbitt, Hope Tala, jennylee (Warpaint), Allan Rayman, Amon Tobin, and others.


let’s have some fun this beat is sick




Blue Bardot does not own any content except for the written word unless otherwise indicated.

Credit for imagery + where it was sourced is indicated in the tags for each post.

kim kardashian kylie jenner kanye west

One thought on “about

  1. Hi Anastasia!

    I am a fan of your blog and would be really psyched if you could write something about my track that you approved through submithub at the beginning of June. It’s called “Hungry Ghost” and the artist name is Prospect Lux. I have signed and uploaded the permission form through the submithub chat as well. It means a lot to me to be on Blue Bardot so if you could find the time to give the track a little love I’d be very appreciative. Have a great week ahead,



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