Ed Prosek | Flesh & Blood



This reminds me of Love Songs for Robots (Patrick Watson) a.k.a. perfectly chill. The first time I heard the song I was in a Spanish boutique with my mom when we were living in Valencia. We must have spent hours there. Away from everything except perfect structure and perfect colors. Everything was where it needed to be. Do you copy?

I’m sitting on a A’s rooftop with the appropriate rosé for this weather and occasion. Maybe we’ll go to BLVD for dinner. Then I have a date night with my math homework (who knows about databases?). Wish me luck – but more importantly, enjoy this song.



L^L | When All of This Were Fields


An interlude comes on when the television is on (you weren’t watching anyway). Suddenly you look up and you are in limbo. Between the ghost you were and what you are becoming. Sometimes being alone reminds you of the yesterdays you don’t need. It’s time to go. Come back into the song.


Prospect Lux | Hungry Ghost


I am reminded of rainy walks in Moscow parks in the early 90s. Walking through the boulevards holding my mom’s hand after school. It’s hard to believe all my memories have taken place on this planet even though those days seem far away, but I can see them when I want.

Djin City | Too Many People


Take a vacation from the path to explore a forest. Later, you can come back. Later.

Baraka | Leisure


Chaos can be peaceful. Red can be soothing. You have to remind yourself, to keep yourself from straying. Recognize your distractions. Take a peek outside your window, but slink back into yourself – lest you pour your energy into a fleeting figment, which will inevitably dissolve because the muse you can’t lose is inside.


Rahm | Morning Light


This song is so intense – in a good way. It reminds me of the movie Anastasia (you know, my name), which, by the way I’ve never seen. But I hear it’s on Broadway now so if anyone wants to take me, you know where to find me.