Joy Downer | Stranger Places

This song is saving me from my almost-depression with its tropical and Sun major vibes, reminding me that today IS in fact the first day of summer, regardless of what this Chicago weather will have you believe. But I hear, too, the blue breeze in the notes, which is better for the character.


This interview has been translated and edited for clarity. Dzhuna members: Natalia Yevstigneeva (vocals/guitar), Egor Tabakov (guitar), Aleksandr Tkatch (bass), Konstantin Raidugin (drums)   Who are the members of your group and what does everyone do? The members of our group are first of all, musicians. When I first had the idea to get anotherContinue reading “Dzhuna”

Kan Wakan ft. Saigo| No Line

  Kan Wakan & Saigo’s ambient electronic number bring a nice respite from the ice cream truck that seems intently parked outside my bedroom window. Other agenda items: visit laundromat for the first time (they take cards right?) and figure out what to wear for my speech tomorrow about how I’m a camera with theContinue reading “Kan Wakan ft. Saigo| No Line”

Creep | Rival Cavves

  “In the dark room, developing photos of you.” 86 in Chicago with dark thunder skies. There is a different pulse here than I remember. Urgent, volatile, exciting. Maybe it’s just me?  

Anterior | Firewood Poetry

  When it’s raining and cold all day but it’s June so you are ready to pretend you are lounging like Leo with Tilda Swinton á la the film The Beach (minus the culty vibe).

Le Roi Angus | La Wax

    Bonjour my name is Josephine and I live in Marseille, France, 1979. I’m having a little cigarette (rolled it myself, Thanks) before washing three apricots and waiting for my tea water to boil. I should go turn the shower on after this.. I haven’t washed my hair in four days but it kind ofContinue reading “Le Roi Angus | La Wax”