Claudio Donzelli | Ossessione

our love it seems

is but the length of a dream

and not a moment longer

Aunty Social | Crack A Deal (jennylee rework)

I’m looking for warning signs, 

I’m looking for flags of a crimson shade.

I’m looking for guns with loaded bullets,

I’m looking for doors that lead to brick.

photos / lzdescloux & lavisualiste via tumblr, respectively.

Gabrielle Current | Undercover

the first time I loved summer

I treaded carefully into the heat

laying in the dust til

I became something else 

photo / Jan Ward in a Bob Schulz jersey suit, Monument Valley, Utah, 1971 © Norman Parkinson via

Yelle | J’veux un chien

but you know just what to say

to make your lover stay

photo / via pinterest

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