Lou Berry | Mine

You’re gonna regret

not taking the chance to run

when it was given to you 

Slackin Beats | It’s Not Your Fault (feat. Raghd)

why does it have to take so long?

the road back home, they say I’m strong

I just want to breathe and stop running

look at all the gifts I can’t buy with money

photo / 4sen via Tumblr

Eleonor Léone | KARMA

Some people just want a hit

and they don’t care where they get it from

I didn’t think you were like that

But I’ve learned

I shouldn’t think so much

photo / Bizarre au Havre via Tumblr

Adriano Koch | BRIEF

O father Saturn

Your cold teaches me the safety of closed doors

I carve another pathway for fear

Evading death through discipline

Falling in love with the solitary nature of dawn

How the cold of the morning separates every cell

Sharp and exalted 

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