Deep Sea Peach Tree | Mellow Richard

      i feel myself splitting into too many rooms of static you touch my hand & there i am do you want to be best friends? a box for yes, a box for no         photo / tanya writing /  DANEZ SMITH

Live Footage | Gold Pot

    The flashes of the explosions are close enough to touch if you wanted to burn your fingers on the sky, and the glare rocks our shadows back against the brick, as if chaos snapped our pictures in the dark.     photo / 美撒郭 writing / BILL ZAVATSKY        

Rain on Monday | Fever Dream

    You will become sickly like the rest Your world, in a divine yet baneful state of decay But don’t fret, Every stage is a step, in the echoing chaos of life       photo / Dario Scommegna writing / Sarah  Fontaine