Nova Hall | We Are Here

    Q: How do you relax? A: Closing my eyes. Q: What is the most important lesson life has taught you? A: To move forward while letting yourself be carried.

Mystic Theory | Blurry Still Frames

    Rare bird, extinct color, you stay in my dreams in x-ray    

Brothers Don’t Fight | Josie’s Theme

    with a gaze to melt    

Zita | Nighttime

  Once you acknowledge the riddle, it goes away. The next one makes its way slowly, or abruptly. In any case, it’s too late. It’s everywhere.  

Hartway | Warm Rocks

    You can slow down but you can’t really stop. Not even if you wanted to. You’ll wake up on the other side of the world with a bigger burden to carry. Better take a nap here.