Cautious Clay | Cold War

  She understands the slow burn better than me, and I don’t blame her. The full moon from my birthday is waning, I conserved as much as I could.  

Baraka | Leisure

  Chaos can be peaceful. Red can be soothing. You have to remind yourself, to keep yourself from straying. Recognize your distractions. Take a peek outside your window, but slink back into yourself – lest you pour your energy into a fleeting figment, which will inevitably dissolve because the muse you can’t lose is inside.Continue reading “Baraka | Leisure”

Mo-Rice | Open Road

  Unchartered territory every day. If you think you’ve been there before, leave quickly. Now, how about this for a concept: ash grey and honey yellow.  

Sacre | Forever Young

  Perfect cosmic pop for dreamy feminine hallucinations (I saw an article describing Sofia Coppola’s work in this way). This disco-tinged gem from Parisian duo Sacre is coloring my mood for this 4th of July. I’ve also been thinking about chromatic aberrations and it’s giving me life. Imagine diving into the rabbit hole you want.Continue reading “Sacre | Forever Young”

Secret Weapons | Ghost

  Vagabond orphan misfits. Do you know what freedom feels like? Or are you in a cage of your own making? Sometimes a cage can be a good thing. You can tear it down later.  

Distant Flows | Baignade

  You’re not safe. But that’s what makes it exciting.  

BlondeBears | Dissolve

  Time plus distance equals amnesia. Why don’t you go away and make another world now? You don’t have to invite anyone else.