Adriano Koch | BRIEF

O father Saturn Your cold teaches me the safety of closed doors I carve another pathway for fear Evading death through discipline Falling in love with the solitary nature of dawn How the cold of the morning separates every cell Sharp and exalted 

Yeong Die | Much O O

whatever you broadcast into the field is your experiment with destiny photos / Tsunaina Limbu for, shot by Barnaby Roper & Soviet Postcards 1970s Moscow by Night, respectively, via tumblr words /

Luca Longobardi | NOVA

    That blindness to your own electricity, feeling like you’re on a runaway horse, more energetic and faster than you anticipated, it could take you anywhere,     Luca Longobardi · NOVA (Piano Day 2019) photo / Jean-Luc Godard – Germany Year 90 Nine Zero (1991)