Live Footage | Gold Pot

    The flashes of the explosions are close enough to touch if you wanted to burn your fingers on the sky, and the glare rocks our shadows back against the brick, as if chaos snapped our pictures in the dark.     photo / 美撒郭 writing / BILL ZAVATSKY        

The Dreamless Sleep |Wounded Ocean (feat. Britt Warner)

    I couldn’t answer you. Still. My lips moved at you silently. They offered words you never heard.       writing /  ELENA MINOR        

Replicåh | Kinetic Love

everything has fallen apart – or maybe together, but it feels like a wreck I can’t bear to leave. I always go into the snake pit when I know full well the creature is full of poison even when it sleeps.  photo / Yvone Shee

SangLien | A Little Darkness (featuring Dale Randolph)

    We settle by the edge of the water. Her twenty-four karat hair gleams as the wind sways, trying to grasp a handful of it for himself.