Yeong Die | Much O O

whatever you broadcast into the field is your experiment with destiny photos / Tsunaina Limbu for, shot by Barnaby Roper & Soviet Postcards 1970s Moscow by Night, respectively, via tumblr words /

Aunty Social | Crack A Deal (jennylee rework)

I’m looking for warning signs,  I’m looking for flags of a crimson shade. I’m looking for guns with loaded bullets, I’m looking for doors that lead to brick. photos / lzdescloux & lavisualiste via tumblr, respectively.

Fiin & Brigado Crew & Jinadu | Still In The Storm

    don’t let them make you soft! cause when you’re soft you’re malleable and when you’re malleable, you can be whatever they want   FIIN · FIIN,Brigado Crew & Jinadu – Still In The Storm (Original Mix)- Ultra Music photo / Jil Sander S/S 2000 via Orwell tumblr