Lefty Bey | Everything’s OK

    There were moments where I believed we were the luckiest people on Earth. I learned it was just me there. So then you recognize the bitter taste in a sharper manner.        photo / catenoir      

Joel Paton + Deer Venom |King of Worms

    I wear your guilt on my chest Open wounds disguised as flesh I know what it means to be a woman But I don’t know what it feels like to be enough       photo / ya.tender writing / bad moochi      

Quietwater | Tango Murder

    I would think about it later. Soon, that will never have been me anymore. It’s just a memory of a movie I watched. It’s a hallucination I saw. Things will change so much, that it’s like it never happened.        photo / Maria Shatalova      

Kel_SD | Upsydown

  I knew i was going to die. and I wanted to do it in New York. whatever was going to happen, was going to happen. This is where the camera slows down, zooms in on the tennis ball grazing the net, in the middle of the court. will I go left or will IContinue reading “Kel_SD | Upsydown”