Replicåh | Kinetic Love

    everything has fallen apart – or maybe together, but it feels like a wreck I can’t bear to leave. I always go into the snake pit when I know full well the creature is full of poison even when it sleeps.        photo / Yvone Shee writing / Anastasia Kontchaeva  Continue reading “Replicåh | Kinetic Love”

Lefty Bey | Everything’s OK

    There were moments where I believed we were the luckiest people on Earth. I learned it was just me there. So then you recognize the bitter taste in a sharper manner.        photo / catenoir      

Joel Paton + Deer Venom |King of Worms

    I wear your guilt on my chest Open wounds disguised as flesh I know what it means to be a woman But I don’t know what it feels like to be enough       photo / ya.tender writing / bad moochi      

Bels Lontano | At the horizon

    I’m tired of your fires I need water soft spoken, leave the door ajar I’m not coming back Don’t come back, don’t come back I leave the door open       photo / Maria Louceiro