Nova Hall | We Are Here

    Q: How do you relax? A: Closing my eyes. Q: What is the most important lesson life has taught you? A: To move forward while letting yourself be carried.


This interview has been translated and edited for clarity. Dzhuna members: Natalia Yevstigneeva (vocals/guitar), Egor Tabakov (guitar), Aleksandr Tkatch (bass), Konstantin Raidugin (drums)   Who are the members of your group and what does everyone do? The members of our group are first of all, musicians. When I first had the idea to get anotherContinue reading “Dzhuna”

Bisamråtta | Travels

Adventures through Russia with St. Petersburg electro musician Bisamråtta St. Petersburg guitarist and saxophonist Vladimir Luchanski who has taken on the pseudonym Bisamråtta (the Swedish word for muskrat) records meditative, ambient electronic music, that tears the listener from her city bustle. His new album, coming out on the Novosibirsk label, Echotourist, is dedicated to littleContinue reading “Bisamråtta | Travels”

“It’s Not Strange. You’re Just Not Used to it”

  This year Pussy Riot came back in a big way as a musical collective – although they never left. First, “Chaika” «ЧАЙКА» (Seagull), premiered in February. And in October, three new videos, with the most remarkable being “Make America Great Again,” looking more like a 2017 news report than an imaginary dystopia. Nadia “Tolokno” answered ourContinue reading ““It’s Not Strange. You’re Just Not Used to it””

Nike Borzov: “We will soon enter a freakadelic age where the weirder it is, the better”

Do you consider the current punk scene your legacy? Are you yourself proud of what is going on there nowadays? There are some people who stir up happiness and pride in me, for example, the group “Ансамбль Христа Спасителя и Мать Сыра Земля” (Ensemble of Christ the Savior and the Mother Land of Cheese), also, fans of XЗ –Continue reading “Nike Borzov: “We will soon enter a freakadelic age where the weirder it is, the better””