BNNY RBBT | Waterfalls Down

This is, for real, a great time. Falling down the rabbit hole of novelty makes for fascinating dreams. Wake up and follow them through.

Sal Dulu | Antasma

Calm chaos. Calm chaos. Calm chaos. I saw solitary people, I saw a couple of cars. I turned the block, solitary. I spied an amber cat, old and full, strong, slink under the car. Calm chaos. He came out under the car, descended down the stairs. I opened the door and walked back into theContinue reading “Sal Dulu | Antasma”

Bad talkers | Dark Halls

  Did you know that The Wall  (you know, that Pink Floyd movie) is the perfect film to fall asleep to? Enter the void and strange dreams. The soundtrack is gnarly of course. Then you can bring yourself back to reality here.