Zacky | Clear My Mind

    The memories, physically, feel the same, inside the mind. Under, or through which criteria do they translate otherwise? I’m becoming vague again…I’m losing my train of thought.  

Cautious Clay | Cold War

  She understands the slow burn better than me, and I don’t blame her. The full moon from my birthday is waning, I conserved as much as I could.  

Silk Cinema | Say You’ll Love Me

    I could take it or leave it, I’ve been here before.  

Zita | Nighttime

  Once you acknowledge the riddle, it goes away. The next one makes its way slowly, or abruptly. In any case, it’s too late. It’s everywhere.  

Hartway | Warm Rocks

    You can slow down but you can’t really stop. Not even if you wanted to. You’ll wake up on the other side of the world with a bigger burden to carry. Better take a nap here.