ONBC | Texarkana

      from the perspective of time and stone; it will all fall to dust, but you keep making things one day you’ll be nothing too  . . . photo / zethu photographed by tomás eyzaguirre and styled by juan camilo rodríguez for fucking young! online via dolerme

Fiin & Brigado Crew & Jinadu | Still In The Storm

    don’t let them make you soft! cause when you’re soft you’re malleable and when you’re malleable, you can be whatever they want   FIIN · FIIN,Brigado Crew & Jinadu – Still In The Storm (Original Mix)- Ultra Music photo / Jil Sander S/S 2000 via Orwell tumblr

Djin City | Too Many People

  Take a vacation from the path to explore a forest. Later, you can come back. Later.