Basement Revolver | Heavy Eyes

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Stuck in the twilight and the glow is not enough for me,

Stuck in the twilight and the glow is blinding.




writing / Kendall Hill

photo / Samantha Ashcraft


Hartway | Warm Rocks



You can slow down but you can’t really stop. Not even if you wanted to. You’ll wake up on the other side of the world with a bigger burden to carry. Better take a nap here.


Sal Dulu | Duluoz Dream


I wake up at night, not knowing what country or year it is. My mind stares into the question, floating through the years and places I could be. I don’t open my eyes so I can relish the limbo of another time. It only takes a second but it feels like ages, traveling through the memories until I find my body.

Oscar & the Wolf | So Real


The butterfly grants the girl wishes – she gets long arms to retrieve the ball when it flies onto the roof, she gets clear skies to stay outside and keep playing. On her third wish, she gets selfish and asks to have a thousand more wishes. She turns into a butterfly.


Keanan | Curtain


I remember a story about a butterfly who comes and grants wishes to a little girl. I heard the story when my childhood was ending. There wasn’t anybody on the playground, they’d all mostly moved on. It was just the ghost (gypsy) girl and her slightly-cross eyed brother who always wore dirty Adidas tracksuits.