Lacika and the Hookers | Low Skies

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This interview has been translated and edited for clarity. Dzhuna members: Natalia Yevstigneeva (vocals/guitar), Egor Tabakov (guitar), Aleksandr Tkatch (bass), Konstantin Raidugin (drums)   Who are the members of your group and what does everyone do? The members of our group are first of all, musicians. When I first had the idea to get anotherContinue reading “Dzhuna”

Saint God

We had a seven hour difference between us – them in Tel Aviv and myself in Boston. Tim and I had been corresponding for a couple of weeks trying to decide when we could find some time to talk in a chain of emails titled “Privet! We’re a Shoegaze/Garage duo from Tel Aviv.” We decidedContinue reading “Saint God”

Chernikovskaya Hata: Boyarsky* a la Noir

Droning post-punk covers of Soviet and post-Soviet pop performed by a group of guys from Ufa, is the latest obsession over at Metropol in the realm of Russian music. It’s not often that groups who share their music via VK*, have such a distinct and mature sound. With the leader of the group, who hides behindContinue reading “Chernikovskaya Hata: Boyarsky* a la Noir”