Kan Wakan ft. Saigo| No Line

  Kan Wakan & Saigo’s ambient electronic number bring a nice respite from the ice cream truck that seems intently parked outside my bedroom window. Other agenda items: visit laundromat for the first time (they take cards right?) and figure out what to wear for my speech tomorrow about how I’m a camera with theContinue reading “Kan Wakan ft. Saigo| No Line”

Lucidvox – Psychedelic dream pop and krautrock from Moscow

A few years ago, Афиша (Afisha) wrote about how Moscow has ceased to be the center of Russia’s music scene – that all the interesting stuff is happening beyond its borders. A lot has changed since then – many distinguishable events, venues, and bands have appeared in the capital that are worthy of attention. This time we’ll beContinue reading “Lucidvox – Psychedelic dream pop and krautrock from Moscow”