Blue Bardot x Afraid of Virginia: Glintshake

Glintshake is really something else – The entirety of the band. Two amps tall. Forty acres high. Six pounds wide. It’s evident – they’re all played out. Keeping it to a beat of 5/8. They write songs. Directly to your mailbox. “Fifteen to five,” “Hands are Former Legs”. Their crystal glass sound will shatter yourContinue reading “Blue Bardot x Afraid of Virginia: Glintshake”

Russian Artists on Foreign Labels Part IV : Love Cult + Night School

Ivan Afanasyev and Anya Kuts are the musical duo behind Love Cult: “When we started playing (in 2009), all the important contacts were made on MySpace. We sent our first recordings to a couple of American and British labels, reached some agreements right away, and picked out artists to do split records with – theyContinue reading “Russian Artists on Foreign Labels Part IV : Love Cult + Night School”