Sal Dulu | Antasma

Calm chaos. Calm chaos. Calm chaos. I saw solitary people, I saw a couple of cars. I turned the block, solitary. I spied an amber cat, old and full, strong, slink under the car. Calm chaos. He came out under the car, descended down the stairs. I opened the door and walked back into theContinue reading “Sal Dulu | Antasma”

Sal Dulu | Duluoz Dream

  I wake up at night, not knowing what country or year it is. My mind stares into the question, floating through the years and places I could be. I don’t open my eyes so I can relish the limbo of another time. It only takes a second but it feels like ages, traveling throughContinue reading “Sal Dulu | Duluoz Dream”

Dan Barracuda | Violet

  It was quiet, just us three. I don’t know how the story came to me. Looking back, it seems like it was just in my mind that day, out of nowhere.  

Bad Drug | Cosmos & Creature

    Release comes in more forms than you know. Memories come in more forms than you think. Your memories come back and play themselves out through different waves. What is time made up of?  

Wavy | American Ape

  Interludes to autumn are for lovers. Dreaming of my escape to Martinique but not before I get a taste of the cold.  

Comeback Season | Secret Weapons

  Youth can begin at any time. Leave what you want behind. I think you know what needs to go. You have more time than you think, but only if you use it well.  

Lake Superior | Bien Bien

  Not aggressive, but alive. Though to be alive for yourself, some aggression is the cure. A smile can be aggressive when they expect downcast eyes. Don’t flinch.  

Topaz | Bloodshot Eyes

Different energy has taken me to the south. The air pressure has dropped. If only I could bring myself back to my easy road.


    I need something serene. Where is your island? It’s too foggy to see it today and no one I’ve spoken to knows what I’m talking about.