Angel de la Torre | Galactus



I went and I seduced




Hartway | Warm Rocks



You can slow down but you can’t really stop. Not even if you wanted to. You’ll wake up on the other side of the world with a bigger burden to carry. Better take a nap here.


Firewood Poetry | Skin


What does the mood churn out today? Don’t forget to not look at the Sun today, lest you go blind. Maybe look at the Sun?


Bad talkers | Dark Halls


Did you know that The Wall  (you know, that Pink Floyd movie) is the perfect film to fall asleep to? Enter the void and strange dreams. The soundtrack is gnarly of course. Then you can bring yourself back to reality here.


Djin City | Too Many People


Take a vacation from the path to explore a forest. Later, you can come back. Later.

Baraka | Leisure


Chaos can be peaceful. Red can be soothing. You have to remind yourself, to keep yourself from straying. Recognize your distractions. Take a peek outside your window, but slink back into yourself – lest you pour your energy into a fleeting figment, which will inevitably dissolve because the muse you can’t lose is inside.